A successful Wozzeck

Piffka as xxx, Florian Bösch as Wozzeck and Bjarni Thor Kristinsson as the Doctor
Ingo Kerkofs's fantastic Production returns at Oper Köln

Alban Berg’s Wozzeck is one of the masterpieces in the 20th century opera history. It is based on a play by George Büchner and “deals with the dehumanising effects of doctors and the military on a young man’s life.” (Wikipedia)

     Two years after the opening night of the successful production of Ingo Kerkhof at the Opera in Cologne, I was asked to sing the role of the Docktor in the revival. Most of the singers where the same as in 2011 with Austrian baritone Florian Boesch as Wozzeck and the Lithuanian soprano Asmik Grigorian as Marie. Markus Stenz, GMD of the opera Cologne was conducting. Thomas Piffka was the new Hauptmann and Marco Jentzsch the new Tambourmajor. 

     The revival was on the 29th of September and tonight (12th of October) is the last performance in this series.

     It has been a great fun to work with all those fantastic artists; specially to have the stage director Ingo Kerkhof in the rehearsel period for my first Doctor.

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